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Expertise in developing apps for below listed platforms using Unity3d, Unreal or C++/OpenGL

  • Hololens
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • Google Daydream
  • Gear VR

Patched Pixels have expertise in developing applications and algorithms that require using OpenCV or Matlab image processing toolbox


We have developed in house solutions using tensor flow and torch, most of these solutions are being currently tested and are in beta stage. This has given us experience in applying ML algorithms to real world problems


We have strong in house computer graphics expertise, we have used game engines such as unreal and have expertise in various frameworks such Three.js, webgl, webVR and OpenGL


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Patched Pixels

Development firm passionate about delivering mind boggling solutions in AR/VR/CG/CV/AI

PatchedPixels believes AR/VR/MR is the next big thing in the IT industry, we harness the power of available tools and our expertise to quickly turn your ideas into ground breaking applications.

Over the short span of time we have commendable experience in developing AR/VR/MR apps which opens up a whole new way of interacting to vast available data in every segment of industry, Developers at our studio have expertise in Unity game engine, Unreal along with various AR SDK such as Vuforia/Kudan/Wikitude.

We have shipped applications for various platforms such as Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Microdoft Hololens, Oculus rift etc.

Patched pixels have strong in house expertise in computer graphics, our developers have experience using OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, WebGL 1.0/2.0, Three.js and various other 3d rendering libraries.

Patched pixels have also used WebVR and a-frame to develop VR apps using javascript, it provides us with rapid development of VR App

PatchedPixels have delivered solutions to customers that required use of OpenCV & tensor flow for machine learning, we have experience using computer vision libraries and various ML frameworks such as TensorFlow & Torch.


We are in process of updating our portfolio, in meantime mail us at and we will provide you with various case studies.


At Patchedpixels we are specialized in the field of consulting, studio that ensures a unique capability to develop AR/VR/MR solutions. We help well established organizations, startups to unleash their ideas and make those reality via immersive virtual experiences. We have been assisting/helping startups, brands,educators,medical experts to bring their idea to life with most amazing latest technology of today, We believe AR/VR/MR is gonna to be a paradigm shift in the field of future computing.


Consulting from our expert programmers help entrepreneurs, startups, big organizations to prepare a unique roadmap of product development in the immersive field of AR/VR/MR. We assist organizations, individuals to prepare a long terms strategy with precision like how, when and why Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality can benefit their business. We offer a range of services designed to meet the needs of your business, these includes services in Computer Vision, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Computer Simulation and in related technologies.

We provide free 1 hr consultation call to discuss your project scope and provide feedback, feel free to reach us at


Patched Pixels is an amazing team of talented individuals and a great place to work at. Working at Patched Pixels provides an unparalleled opportunity to partner with some of the most creative brains who constantly focuses on innovating and creating next-gen of AR/VR, Computer vision and ML applications. We believe in work hard and play harder theory. We also believe that our employees are our greatest strength and therefore, we put our efforts in nurturing them.

We work in exciting field of AR/VR/Computer Vision/Machine learning, Want to work with us? (All positions are based in Noida, India)

  • 6 months to 3 years of experience in Unity3d or any similar game engine
  • Strong programming/scripting skills
  • Experience with Unity3D, object oriented languages or Unity scripting for game development or app development
  • Integrating resources such as 3D models, animations, interfaces, visual effects and audio files
  • Understanding about Lighting. Material Mapping. Understanding the limitations and write program based on the end user requirements
  • Experience with programming languages including but not limited to: Java, C/C++, C#, Python, JavaScript.
  • Expertise in building AR and VR applications for standalone and mobile platforms will be plus
  • Having hands on experience on Vuforia/Kudan/Wikitude SDK will be plus

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We are looking for a C++/Qt/OpenGL developer. You will be directly reporting to CTO, you must have good skills in C++ & Qt. Freshers can also apply provided you have contributed to open source or have published some code using C++ & Qt.

  • Good skills in C++ & Qt, should understand C++ concepts very well.
  • Ability to use Qt for designing UI.
  • Understanding of computer graphics concepts.
  • Ability to contribute to open source projects.
  • Experience with OpenGL is plus.
  • Experience with QML is plus.
  • Experience designing custom Widgets and custom QML components is plus.
  • Good communication skills

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An ideal candidate should have excellent knowledge in backend programming like developing REST API, programming with websockets, experience in multiplayer game backend architecture etc

  • Good skills in Node.js or PHP or Scala
  • Good skills in NoSql and Relational database
  • Ability to use latest javascript patterns.
  • Knows how to develop backend for gaming applications
  • Ability to write your own library or customize existing one according to requirements.
  • Good communication skills

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  • Understanding of computer vision and machine learning concepts
  • Have used framework such as Tensorflow or torch for implementing ML Algorithms
  • Strong analytical abilities along with keen interest in learning various programming languages and algorithms
  • Use of OpenCL will be plus
  • Good communication skills

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Our expertise is just an email away, email or call us and we will more than happy to help you.


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